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Hi, I’m Workout Girl.

I’m not a size 0 (I have curves!). I’m not a certified personal trainer.  I have a full time job where I sit at a desk allllll day long for 5 days a week.  I’m your average girl who eats real food (none of this low carb/low fat/low cal/low taste/can-only-eat-lettuce-but-it-must-be-organic-lettuce crap) and enjoys a cocktail/glass of wine once in a while (or on most weekends…oops).

I decided sometime around May 2010 that this was THE moment that I was going to get back in shape so I can maintain a lifestyle of good food and good vino without feeling guilty.  And so I started running. As a girl who once struggled to run a mile or 2, I trained for 6 months and ran a half marathon…that’s 13.1 miles!!! Are you kidding me?!?! That’s like not even human.

After my race, once my knees hated me, I decided to sign up for private personal training so I could keep up the workout intensity without having the high impact to my knees/joints.  I debated re-joining a gym, but I 1) didn’t know how to properly work out to continue to improve my fitness and 2) once I hit the couch after work, it was game over… I’d never see the inside of that gym again. (And I’m not a morning person, so don’t even think about asking me to get my butt to the gym before daylight!)  I needed to have set appointments so there would be accountability. Gym – out. Personal training – In.

Several months and depleted bank accounts later, I realized that I could easily do similar caliber workouts in the comfort of my apartment…without the trainer…without a gym…and without spending a bunch of $$$.  And despite the fact that a trainer or a nice gym would have all of the state-of-the-art equipment, many exercise moves can be adapted for very basic equipment.  As for accountability? I could work out with a friend.  Why pay $$$ for someone to yell at you when a good friend will yell at you for free? (hehe)

Based on everything I had learned, I started creating my own workouts.  I researched all over the internet.  I read about nutrition, about circuit training, about yoga and pilates.  I put everything together and then…BOOM! I give you…The Workout Girl.  Where I, the (obviously totally awesome) Workout Girl, send you concentrated workouts each week straight to your inbox that you – the average girl on a modest budget with limited time – can do with basic equipment to help reach your fitness goals.  All for free!  Yes, I said free. I know, I love you too.


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