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Alright, you’ve found my blog, and now you’re like, “Send me my f@#%ing’ workouts, Workout Girl!”   Simmer down, chica, because there’s a little bit of prep work we have to do first. The workouts we’ll be doing require some basic equipment.

Here’s What You’ll Need

A balance ball. Preferably one that inflates to around knee height.

Set of free weights. I recommend weights in 3 lb, 5 lb, 8 lb, and 10 lb sizes.

A medicine ball. I recommend having one that’s either 4 lbs or 6 lbs.

The total cost of the equipment is approximately equal to a couple months of gym fees.  And you can use the equipment for years! In your own living room!  No gym required!  Discount retailers often sell overstock fitness equipment, so keep an eye out at stores like Ross, TJ Maxx, etc.  And then you can peruse the shoe section for some new wedge sandals (even though you already own 4 nearly identical pairs).

Here’s What I Also Recommend

Workout Mat.  If you are working out on plush carpeting, a mat may not be necessary.  But, if you’re working out on a hard surface, this is a must.  You can find one in a store that sells Pilates/Yoga equipment.

-A friend.   One of the reasons why personal training is so successful is because of accountability–you have to meet someone each week.  But I ask why pay someone to yell at you to finish your sit ups when a friend can yell at you for free? (hehe) So grab a buddy who has similar fitness goals and sweat it out together. You’ll miss less workouts this way.

Proper workout clothes. Look at your friend’s ascot and leopard print blue button…err…velcro… shirt.  He clearly didn’t get the memo on this one.  Although his blue eyes are dreamy, his outfit isn’t ideal for working up a sweat.  “Dry Fit” (AKA what sweat?!?) clothes are best.  It’s the difference between being “Sure” and “Unsure.”  (Crap, if you didn’t get that reference to a deodorant commercial from the ’90s, I may have just dated myself…)  Make sure you have a sports bra that actually keeps “the girls” in place.  Everything should be comfortable and should not restrict your motion.


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