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Show That “Muffin Top” Who’s Boss

They’re scary…they’re stretchy…and they’re likely stuffed in the very back of your closet behind that mini skirt you haven’t worn since high school but can’t bring yourself to throw away.  Give up? They’re your stretchy pants!  Leggings, skinny jeans…and possibly, even ‘jeggings.’  Whoever invented Lycra could not possibly have been a woman who has curves…   Before you start a bonfire with all of your stretchy pants and declaring that ‘jeggings’ are ‘the devil in clothing form,’ here’s a workout to help tame your ‘muffin top.’  Keep this up, and soon enough you’ll be parading around the streets in a Lycra body suit.  …On second thought, maybe just stick to the ‘jeggings.’

Know Before You Go

Do a 10-minute warm up before your workout.  Walk or jog around your block or in place in your living room, or dance around to 3 of your favorite songs.  If you have access to a treadmill, walk at a slow speed (I recommend 3.5 mph) and at a high incline (8.5-9.0).  Drink water between each circuit to stay hydrated, and stretch for 10 minutes after the workout.

It’s OK if this workout is challenging for you… if you keep this up just 2x per week, in a month or so this will likely be easy peazy.


-balance ball

Circuit 1 – Do 3x Through

A) The “Rock N Rolla'” – Start out in a plank position as if you were to do a push up, except your feet are resting on a balance ball behind you (your body should be off the ground except for your hands).  While keeping your feet balanced on the ball, rotate your torso to the right and then to the left.   Repeat x 10, each side.

B) The “6-Pack Maker” – Lay on your back on your mat with your arms at your sides.  Hold a balance ball between your feet.  Lift the balance ball with your feet until your legs are at a 90 degree angle to the floor.  Now lower your legs, holding the ball, until a few inches above the ground.  Repeat x 15.

C) The”Tummy Tightener” – Lay on your back on your mat with your arms at your sides.  Bend your knees at a 90 degree angle and secure the balance ball in between your knees.  Lift the ball off the ground with your knees.  As  you lift the ball, lower your knees to the right.  Return the balance ball to center (still in between your knees) and then lower your knees to the left.  Return to center. Repeat 10x on each side.

Circuit 2 – Do 3x Through

D)  The “Human Steam Roller” – Begin with your knees on your mat on the ground.  Outstretch your arms in front of you, and rest your forearms on a balance ball.  Shift your weight forward, rolling the ball forward as you do so.  Roll the ball as far as you can, never moving your knees and keeping your back as straight as possible.  Hold this position for 5 seconds.  Then, slowly roll the ball back to starting position.  Repeat 10x.

E) The “Slo-Mo Swimmer” – Begin in a position as if you are going to do a push up (keep that back as straight as possible!!), except place a balance ball under your abs on the ground.  Now simultaneously lift your right arm and your left leg, reaching both as far away from the balance ball as possible.  Hold your balance for 3 seconds.  Return to starting position and repeat by lifting your left arm and your right leg.  Return to starting position.  Repeat 10x.

F) The “Flapper” – Lay with your back on your mat with your arms resting at your sides and your legs on the ground.  Simultaneously lift your legs, your upper body, and your arms a few inches off of the ground.  While holding this position, lift and lower your arms 20x, never letting your arms hit the ground.

Circuit 3 – Do 2x Through

G) “I’m Jumping Ship” – Begin by standing in front of a bottom step of a flight of stairs.  Jump with both feet onto the step.  As you land, lower into a squat.  Jump backwards with both feet to return to starting position, again landing in a squat.  Repeat nonstop as fast as you can for 30 seconds.

H) The “Ready For Action” – Begin on your hands and knees on your mat.  In an explosive motion, jump both of your feet towards your hands, and lift your body off of the ground into a squat.  Your back should be straight and your arms should be outstretched at a 45 degree angle to the ceiling.  Drop your hands to the ground and jump your feet back to return to startig position.  Repeat 10x.

I) The “Irish Jig” – Begin by standing on your mat.  Bend your elbow so that your arms are at your sides at waist-level.  Jump to bend your right knee up to your chest and facing out to the right.  Now simultaneously return your right leg to the ground and jump to bend your left knee up to your chest and facing out to the left.  Repeat nonstop for 30 seconds.  Feeling sweaty yet??

Fitness Tip of the Day

A diet with complex carbs (AKA whole wheat and whole grains), lean proteins, fruits and veggies will help supply you with the energy you need throughout a tough workout.  A diet with simple sugars will likely cause your body to spike with energy and then crash.  Give your body the fuel it needs to perform.



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  1. I’ve decided that I want to tone my stomach in a way it has never been toned before. I’m going to try this. I’m terrified of “Ready for Action”!

    Posted by Jackie | November 30, 2011, 1:05 pm

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