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The ‘Legs For Days’ Workout

I look at men’s fashion, and I’m so jealous.  Even in their most ‘uncomfortable’ formal wear, they’re in comfortable pants and flat shoes.  Lucky bastards.  Then, there’s us – the ladies.  We’ll squeeze into mini dresses that feel like sausage casings, and then throw on sky high stilettos to boot.  (And after 1 hour in the shoes, our feet will want to kill us.)  So why the uncomfortable mini dress and the (dare I say it..) painful high heels?  It’s all about the legs, ladies.  We do it for the legs – to make them look longer, leaner, and even more fabulous.  Instead, why not try this workout to make your legs look longer and leaner without all the fuss? :)

Know Before You Go

Do a 10-minute warm up before your workout.  Walk or jog around your block or in place in your living room, or dance around to 3 of your favorite songs.  If you have access to a treadmill, walk at a slow speed (I recommend 3.5 mph) and at a high incline (8.5-9.0).  Drink water between each circuit to stay hydrated, and stretch for 10 minutes after the workout.

It’s OK if this workout is challenging for you… if you keep this up just 2x per week, in a month or so this will likely be easy peazy.


-free weights (5 lbs, 10 lbs)

Circuit 1 – Do 3x Through

A) The “Superman” –  Begin by standing on your mat with your legs together.  Extend both arms out in front of you at shoulder height.  Lift your left leg behind you.  As you lift your leg, bend forward at your hips.  Lift your leg and lower your torso until your body is flat across.  Your arms should still be out in front of you.  Then, slightly bend your right leg to go into a one-legged squat.  Stay focused to maintain your balance!  Repeat 10x on your right leg, and then switch legs and repeat 10x more.

B) The “Ski Jumper” – Begin by standing on your mat.  Bend your knees to lower into a squat.  Then, jump with both feet to your left, jump back to the center, jump to  your right, and then jump back to the center.  As you land with each jump, lower into a squat.  Repeat nonstop for 30 seconds.

C)  The “Peeing Dog” – Begin on your knees on all fours on your mat.  Your wrists should be under your shoulders, and your back should be flat.  Keeping your knee bent, lift your left leg up and to the left until your knee is at the same height as your hip.  With control, slowly lower your knee back to starting position.  Repeat 20x, and then repeat 20x more with your right knee.

circuit 1








Circuit 2 – Do 3x Through

D)  The “Invisible Seat” – Begin by standin with your back against a wall holding 5 lb weights at your sides.  Slide your back down the wall until your knees are bent at a 90 degree angle.  It should look like you are sitting on an invisible chair.  Hold this position for 60 seconds.

E) The “Shifty Squatter” –  Begin by standing on your mat with your feet wide apart.  Lower into a squat.   Staying low, shift your weight to the right to go into a right lunge.  Staying low, return to a center squat.  Then, staying low, shift your weight to the left to go into a left lunge.  Return to a center squat.  Repeat lunging 12x to each side.

F) The “Lift It ‘N Love It” – Begin by standing on your mat with your legs hip distance apart.  Hold one 10 lb weight in your hands in between your legs.  Bend your knees slightly and then hinge slightly forward at your hips so the weights are held slightly in front of your body.  With control, hinge forward at your hips until your back is flat, your hips are bent at a 90 degree angle, and the weight is dangling above the ground.  Slowly hinge at your waist to return to standing position (and lift the weight).  Repeat 12x.


circuit 2







Circuit 3 – Do 2x Through

G) The “Over/Under” – Lay on your side on your mat with your left leg resting atop your right.  Bend your left knee towards the ceiling and rest your left foot on the mat so that your left leg crosses over your right leg, which is on your mat.  Lift your right leg to a 45 degree angle to the ceiling, and then slowly lower it to just above the ground.  Repeat 12x, and then turn over and switch sides so that your right leg crosses over your left; repeat 12x by lifting your left leg.

H) The “Windshield Wiper” – Lay on your side on your mat with your left leg resting atop your right.  Lift your left leg towards the ceiling as high as you can.  With control, slowly lower your left leg to just above your right leg.  Then, lift your left leg again towards the ceiling.  Repeat 15x, and then switch legs and repeat 15x more.

I) The “One-Legged Boogie” – Begin by laying on your back on your mat with your arms resting at your sides.  Bend your knees so that your feet are resting on the floor.  Then, lift your hips up off the ground towards the ceiling as high as you can.  Now, lift your left leg up as high as you can towards the ceiling.  Keeping your left leg in the air, press up on your right toes and lift your hips up to the ceiling.  With control, slowly lower your right foot back to the ground.  Repeat 12x, and then switch legs and repeat 12x more.

circuit 3

Fitness Tip of the Day

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