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The Ultimate Thigh Toning Workout

There are a gazillion types of bathing suits…you have your standard itty bitty bikini, your tank-ini, your classic one piece, your sexy one piece with lots of cut outs…the list goes on and on.  But what do all of these bathing suits have in common?  Hmmm?  Give up?  It’s that they all showcase your thighs!  That’s right folks, no matter which suit you buy, your thighs will be strutting their stuff.  When most people think of a “beach body,” they think of toned abs.  Well sorry, most people, because toned thighs are totally the new 6-pack for your summer beach body.  Focusing on toning your abs this summer?  Ugh, that’s like sooooo Summer 2011.  So today we’re going to tone those your heart out, abs.

Know Before You Go

Do a 10-minute warm up before your workout.  Walk or jog around your block or in place in your living room, or dance around to 3 of your favorite songs.  If you have access to a treadmill, walk at a slow speed (I recommend 3.5 mph) and at a high incline (8.5-9.0).  Drink water between each circuit to stay hydrated, and stretch for 10 minutes after the workout.

It’s OK if this workout is challenging for you… if you keep this up just 2x per week, in a month or so this will likely be easy peazy.


-nada! just you!

Circuit 1 – Do 3x Through

A) The “Power Squat” –  Stand facing the back of a sturdy chair.  Hold onto the chair for balance, and stand on your toes with your legs farther than shoulder-width apart.  With control, lower into a squat, and hold for a count of 60 seconds.

B) The “Party Plie” – Stand with your feet together facing the back of a sturdy chair.  Hold onto the chair for balance.  Point both of your knees away from each other, stand on your toes, and bend your knees to lower down into a squat.  Holding this position, slightly unbend your knees to lift up just 1″, and then bend your knees again to lower down 1″ into the full squat.  Repeat 20x.

C)  The “Invisible Chair” – Begin by standing with your back against a wall.  Slide your back down the wall until your knees are bent at a 90 degree angle.  It should look like you are sitting on an invisible chair.  Hold this position for 30 seconds.

Circuit 2 – Do 3x Through

D)  The “Peeing Dog” – Begin by kneeling on all fours on your mat.  Your knees should be bent at 90 degree angles.  With control, keeping your knees bent, lift your left knee off of the mat up and to the left as high as you can.  Then, unhinge your left knee to fully extend your left leg out and to the left.  With control, bend your left knee and return it to the mat.  Repeat 12x, and then repeat 12x more with your right leg.

E) The “Leg-evator” – Begin by laying face down on your mat.  Bend your elbows so that your forearms are resting on your mat, and your forehead is resting on top of your forearms.  Keeping your feet together and legs extended behind you, lift both legs off of the ground.  With control, bend both knees so that your feet are facing the ceiling and lift your legs towards your body.  Then, unhinge your knees to fully extend your legs behind you.  Your legs and knees should never touch the ground.  Repeat 12x.

F) The “Leg Pendulum” – Begin by standing on your mat.  Plant your left leg, and take a very large step backwards with your right leg.  As you step backwards, bend your left knee to lower into a backwards lunge.  Then, push through your left heel to stand up and bring your right leg back to standing position.  Repeat 12x, and then repeat 12x more by lunging backwards with your left leg and planting your right leg.

Circuit 3 – Do 2x Through

G) The “One Leg, One Love” – Begin by standing facing away from the back of a sturdy chair.  Hold onto the chair behind you for balance.  Lift one leg straight in front of you at waist height.  Bend the knee of your other leg to lower into a one-legged squat.  With control, return to standing.  Repeat 12x, and then switch legs and repeat 12x more.

H) Repeat the “One Leg, One Love,”  except stand next to the sturdy chair, and lift one leg BEHIND you, instead of in front of you.  As before, squat down with the other leg.  Repeat 12x, and then switch legs and repeat 12x more.

I) The “Spread Eagle” – Begin by laying on your mat with both legs together in the air.  Rest both arms on the mat at your sides.  With control, separate both legs and spread them as wide apart to the sides as possible, lowering each leg as far as you can.  With control, bring both legs back together to return to starting position.  Repeat 20x, going slowly and with control the entire time.

Fitness Tip of the Day

If you think you can, you can.  Don’t give up!



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