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Tone Up Your Lower Body

It’s “Leg Day” and that means enough lunges and squats to have you really “feeling the burn” tomorrow…  Don’t forget to stretch after this one!

Know Before You Go

Do a 10-minute warm up before your workout.  Walk or jog around your block or in place in your living room, or dance around to 3 of your favorite songs.  If you have access to a treadmill, walk at a slow speed (I recommend 3.5 mph) and at a high incline (8.5-9.0).  Drink water between each circuit to stay hydrated, and stretch for 10 minutes after the workout.

It’s OK if this workout is challenging for you… if you keep this up just 2x per week, in a month or so this will likely be easy peazy.


-medicine ball, balance ball

Circuit 1 – Do 3x Through

A)  The “Gettin’ Leggy With It” –  Begin by standing on  your mat with both arms extended in front of you at shoulder height.  With control, lift your right leg behind you keeping your leg extended the entire time.  With control, return your right leg back to standing position.  Repeat 15x, and then repeat 15x more with your left leg.

B) The “Bees’ Knees” – Begin by standing on your mat with your legs shoulder width apart.  Hold a medicine ball in both hands and raise your hands overhead.  As you lower your hands down, lift your left knee into your chest to meet your hands.  Raise your hands overhead as you bring your left foot to the ground.  Lower your hands down and lift your right knee into your chest.  Repeat nonstop as fast as you can, alternating legs, 15x each leg.

C)  The “Pick Me Up” – Begin by standing with your legs shoulder-width apart in front a medicine ball resting on the floor.  Lower into a squat and pick up the medicine ball with both hands.  As you return to standing, bend your elbows to bring the medicine ball into your chest.  As you lower into a squat, return the ball to the ground and pick it back up.  Repeat 12x.

Copy of circuit 1
Circuit 2 – Do 3x Through

D)  The “Peeing Dog” – Begin on all fours on your mat.  Knees should be bent on your mat.  Stack your shoulders over your wrists.   Keep your back flat.  With control, extend your left leg out to the left and lift your leg up towards the ceiling.  Bend your left knee to return your left leg to starting position on your mat.  Repeat 12x, and then repeat 12x more with the right leg.

E) The “Limbo Time” – Pretend there is a limbo bar at chin height.  Squat sideways under the limbo bar and stand up.  Don’t hunch over — try to keep your back straight at a 90 degree angle to the floor.  Do 10 squats, back and forth under “the bar.”

F) The “Leg Pendulum” – Begin by standing on your mat.  Plant your left leg, and take a very large step backwards with your right leg.  As you step backwards, bend your left knee to lower into a backwards lunge.  Then, push through your left heel to stand up and bring your right leg back to standing position.  Repeat 12x, and then repeat 12x more by lunging backwards with your left leg and planting your right leg.

Copy of circuit 2
Circuit 3 – Do 2x Through

G) The “Jumping Bean” – Begin by standing on your mat with both of your feet together.  Jump up with both feet and land in a squat, by bending your knees.  (Keep that back straight!!!) Repeat 10x.

H) The “Steamroller” – Begin by standing with a balance ball situated to the left of you.  Lower into a squat and place your left leg on the balance ball.  With control, use your left leg to pull the balance ball in towards your body and then push it back away from your body.  You should be lowered in a squat the whole time.  Repeat 12x, and then repeat again with your right leg and the balance ball on your right.

I) The “Toe Tapper” – Begin by standing facing the bottom step of a flight of stairs.  Lift your left foot off of the ground and place it lightly on the step.  In an explosive motion, jump to switch legs so that your left foot is on the ground and you tap your right foot lightly on the step.  Repeat nonstop, alternating feet, for 30 seconds.

Copy of circuit 3
Fitness Tip of the Day

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